About us

Value statement:

We at Forty Degrees strongly believe in the power of yoga and strive for every student to accomplish their personal fitness ideals. We aim to assist each individual to reach a complete sense of total health and well-being by providing one of the best tools possible, yoga.


Temperature: Forty Degrees operates yoga room temperature at an average of 40 degrees Celcius (105 degrees Farenheit). Variables such as class size, outdoor temperature and weather can affect one’s perception of temperature and humidity. Forty Degrees will try our best to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for every student to practice Hot yoga.

New Flooring: unique flooring specifically for hot yoga. It’s a high-quality sports floor system with a very high comfort level. The floor material is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and is designed for hot yoga. To maintain an optimal safe and clean environment our studio floors will be cleaned and vacuumed daily.



Huub Verheij, owner and director of Forty Degrees Amsterdam, was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2005, and in 2008 went on to train directly under Bikram Choudhury to complete his certification. He taught for Bikram Yoga Amsterdam, Bikram Yoga Den Haag, Bikram Yoga Rotterdam and Global Yoga in San Fransisco.